This perfect long statement necklace was handcrafted by a local artisan. It showcases the stone, Unakite, which aids in removing emotional blockages, relieves stress, and helps with addictive behaviors. The unique engravings are inspired by North African sigils representing the Ram.


The hand-etching on this pendant depicts a Ram in North African Amazigh symbology.


Gifted with exceptional eyesight, the Ram can jump between narrow mountain ledges with ease, always finding his balance on stable ground. The Ram inspires us to have confidence in our unique strengths and to practice unwavering trust in a positive outcome. Doing so will allow us to effortlessly receive and enjoy the abundance that life has to offer.


The Ram symbol also signifies the abundance and generosity of life. Combined with the Unakite gemstone, this pendant supports finding balance, grounding, and gratitude from which abundance can be harvested and enjoyed.

Jebel Collective Unakite Shield


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